Apple TV To Include LG’s OLED Technology (Rumor)

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In the beginning of this year, we already updated you about the top 5 best TVs to expect in year 2013 and the list included both iTV and LG’s curved screen OLED TV.  But today we have received a news that is linking the two companies together for their TVs. Here are the details.

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LG company has finally made the announcement that it will be investing 706 billion Korean won to construct an eighth-generation OLED TV panel production line in an existing plant in South Korea. As it is being said that the money will go into the project next month thus the production is expected in 2014. This will bring a whole new experience to the world of TV.

It seems Apple is going to be using LG’s new OLED technology according to a new report today. This is because the fruit company has hired an expert in OLED screens who previously worked at LG and Samsung, Dr. James (Jueng-Gil) Lee. This is just one of the indications that Apple might also introduce iTV equipped with OLED panel.

Apple has always tried to introduce the best in the market whether it’s about smartphones, tablets, computers and everything else. And therefore when it’s about the upcoming Apple TV, then the company might have picked the best man (probably) to make a big entrance into the TV market. With LG’s OLED technology, up-coming Apple Television is going to be stunning.

Apple TV with LG’s OLED technology is not sure as yet, as in the past Apple has used LCD screens for some of its major products and it might continue to do so. But maybe the trend is about to be changed and Apple might indeed go for the OLED panels.

On a side note LG is a major supplier to Apple’s display components and involving LG with an up-coming TV might not be a shocker after all.

What are your thoughts on this?

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