Apple Watch Now Available In Stores!

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Months after being released, the day has finally come when you can head over to your local Apple store and pick up an Apple Watch straight away. Well, starting today, Apple now sells its wearable device directly in-stores, previously it was only available online.

Apple’s wearable device, the Apple Watch has been out for more than two months, and it has done pretty well compared to the competition from other major tech companies. But Apple has still not released any numbers regarding how many watches have been sold, according to some reports, it is estimated that Apple Watch had topped more than one million sales in the first week alone. Well those numbers are a bit crazy considering that Android Wear smart watches sold less than a million in the entire last year.

Those numbers will now keep on going further and further thanks to Apple’s in-store purchase option.

When Apple launched the watch, it was available only online - something which Apple doesn’t do normally. But they went ahead with it anyway. No reasons where given on why it wasn’t available in stores. Maybe they weren’t making enough of them?

Apple Watch options

If you now want to buy an Apple Watch, you can head over to your local Apple store and get yourself one. If you are still not sure whether to get one or not, you can check out my review on the Apple Watch.

Well, will you be getting an Apple Watch?

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