Evasi0n Jailbreaks 14 Million iOS Devices!

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Wow. That is a big number right there. 14 million iPhones, iPads and iPod touches have been jailbroken thanks to the most famous jailbreaking tool of all time - Evasion. New data shows that there are currently 14 million iOS devices running Cydia on iOS 6 or higher.

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Evasi0n Jailbreak

Releasing on 4 February, evasi0n jailbreak quickly saw huge download rates. Just 10 minutes after being released evasi0n was downloaded more than 100,000 times! Without a doubt it became the most popular jailbreaking tool of all time.

Well today we have some other numbers regarding evasi0n jailbreak. The latest numbers put devices jailbroken by evasi0n at 14 million! That is freaking huge! To put that into perspective, more iOS devices have been jailbroken by evasi0n than the population of Singapore.

The exact number according to Saurik is 14,051,500.

New statistic from @saurik: 14,051,500 unique devices have been seen running Cydia on iOS 6.x! 14 millions! and 23 millions any version.

Evasi0n 6.1 jailbreak

Although 14 million devices have been jailbroken on iOS 6 and higher but it does not exactly mean that all 14 million have been jailbroken by evasi0n. We currently do have Snowbreeze and other jailbreak solutions although not all of them can jailbreak A4+ devices.

Well whatever the case maybe, it’s just surprising to see such a large number of iOS devices being jailbroken by evasi0n.


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