Apple And Intel Working Together On iWatch

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Rumors about that iDevice that you can carry with yourself by wearing it, are coming to life again. iWatch is another amazing product that is expected to be released by Apple in the first half of the upcoming year! But before the release there are numerous rumors that are describing its improved features and this time these features include a Bluetooth 4.0 And OLED Display. Moreover, in order to make these features a part of the iWatch, Apple and Intel and reported to be working together. So lets discover the story behind the iWatch.


Previously, Apple and Intel were not closely attached, apart from the fact that Apple’s Macs have an Intel processor inside, but this time this relation seems to go beyond this and bring something extraordinary out. This extraordinary product will be a smart-watch with Bluetooth. Furthermore, the fruit company’s iWatch is also reported to have a RiTdisplay 1.5-inch OLED screen, with a rhenium ocean of OGS encore indium tin oxide transparent conductive (ITO) glass.

Apple has introduced Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology across its product line and likewise the upcoming wrist watch by the fruit company will also have this technology, through which the device can connect to other iOS devices, most notably iPhone and iPod devices.

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We have had iWatch concepts for quite sometime and finally getting one would truly be remarkable. Although it seems a bit hard that Apple would launch an iWatch next year but many Chinese “supply sources” are pointing towards an iWatch.

Well would you be excited be Apple does indeed launch an iWatch next year?

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4 Comments to Apple And Intel Working Together On iWatch

  1. Prince Ib Oriaku

    Common guys…no big deal, the Chinese have been making phone watches for years, I have one in use for two years now….get over this APPLE thing…they never had ideas but only improved upon other peoples inventions and turn around to claim them as their inventions…

  2. iWatch that can be use also as your iPod, streams stereo music via bluetooth to a wide range stereo bluetooth headsets.

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