Apple Getting Sued Because They Are Not Unlocking iPhone

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Something new has popped up about the fruit company that few iPhone owners are suing Apple in order to get their phones unclocked. As the details say that on Friday, in U.S. District Court in Northern California, two Apple customers Zach Ward and Thomas Buchar filed a putative class action lawsuit, that the company has violated the Sherman Act and Digital Millennium copyright act by not obtaining customers’ permission to have their iPhones locked to AT&T‘s network.


As per the claim made by the lawsuit, in order to prevent the buyer from taking their devices to a competing wireless carrier, Apple installed software locks on the iPhone. The plaintiffs then brings this fact to the surface that according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the user is allowed to modify their phones for use on the wireless network of their choice. This simply means that the fruit company is violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The plaintiff specifically mentioned that Apple has reduced the output, limited customers choice and has also unlawfully stifled the competition. Moreover, orders have been sought that restrains the company from programming iPhones in such a way that would prevent consumers from unlocking their SIM cards.

Furthermore, the plaintiffs have also requested that company should also release SIM unlock codes to iPhone owners on request, and should make it perfectly clear to the customer that the handsets are locked and should also obtain consumers’ contractual consent for that arrangement.

Such cases filled before too, as handset software locks installed by wireless operators is not a new problem for the users. But the request was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2011 that found consumers no longer have the right to file class action lawsuits against wireless carriers.

What is your opinion about this file class action lawsuits against wireless carriers?

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8 Comments to Apple Getting Sued Because They Are Not Unlocking iPhone

  1. Those guys are retards… It is known for years and years that att phones are LOCKED TO F*CKIN ATT.
    It is also WELL KNOWN, that you can buy a “factory unlocked” phone from apple store, that you are able to use with any sim you want.
    Apart from that, ATT offers FOR FREE, unlock to iphones that are acquired in a legit way and they are done with their contract.
    So, wtf do those retards want? to pay $200 for a phone that costs $700 and have it fully unlocked?
    That’s the epitome of stupidity…

  2. Well I don’t see any reason why do carriers are keeping their subscriber’s phone locked if they’re done paying the whole contract in good terms.

    • I am pretty sure you did NOT read my post. ATT offers a free unlock when you re done with your two year contract or when you upgrade to another phone. So what’s the problem?

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