Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone In 2013

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By the start of this year people are expecting more and more from the world of tech, whether it is about smart phones, tablets or apps. Users are looking for more advances, fascinating stuff in the world of augment reality as well. The story is not very different and thus there is a lot more augment reality apps coming this year and Maypalo is the first one to open the gates of Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone To Expect in 2013.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone To Expect in 2013

10-Om Nom: Candy Flick

om nom chandy flick

Om Nom candy flick is the newest and advanced 3D augmented app for all little children. The  game is designed to provide you a little green monster called Om Nom, who loves to go wherever you want to go, as he is hungrier and is craving candy, all you need to test your aim by flicking delicious eating stuff into beautiful monster mouth and see the magic, the cute Om Nom come to life in 3D animation.You can also challenge distance to earn more rewards and prices to became top candy flicker.


Download Om Nom: Candy Flick iPhone app from app store.



If you are a creative person and want to create some amazing art work, then there is no need to waste your time just download SketchWiz iPhone app. It is fantastic app which turns your iPhone camera into your personal sketch artist so you can view your world as pen, pencil and chalks .You can also create beautiful library of your masterpieces for appreciation. All you need to download this brilliant app from app store.


Download  SketchWiz iPhone app from app store. 

8-Park, Tag and Go.

parl,tag and go

We all know that finding parking for our vehicles is the most difficult task for us, because sometimes it’s not possible for us to find exact place, due to various other reasons. But now this problem has been resolved by Park, Tag and Go iPhone app. As this application helps you park your vehicle, tag the location with the app, and then use the app to trace back to your vehicle. The app also provides you the information about how long you have parked, and how far away you are from it.


Download Park,Tag and Go iPhone app from app store. 

7. Quick Writer


Quick Writer is an other fascinating app from app store. It is text base editor, which helps you to see different objects in front of your screen while typing their names. The app also supports landscape mode and you can easily change the font color and background color. Similarly Quick Writer can be used with any of your apps, like SMS, Mail, and social networking sites as well.


  Quick Writer iPhone app from app store

4. SnapShop Showroom


If you love to designing your room than you should get this iPhone app into your iPhone as soon as possible because this app gives you a chance to check each item you want in your room before buying it. Isn’t this amazing? You can place your iPhone in front of the place where you want the furniture and than from the options you select the furniture. You can rotate and re-size the object according to your room. Once you finalize the furniture than you can contact the store through this app.

Price: Free

Download SnapShop Showroom iPhone app from app store.

5. NearestWiki


NearestWiki is the most informative and knowledgeable app in app store. As it includes millions of facts and general knowledge about different things. If you have keen interest  to learn about  surrounding in a funny way then NearsestWiki is the best choice. The most interesting thing about this fascinating app is, it works in any country anywhere  across the world. All you need to do is to download this fantastic app from app store.


Download NearestWiki iPhone app from app store. 




If you want to explore your surrounding  like never before then localscope is a perfect match for you. It helps you to discover various places and people, as it includes Geo tagged information, Navigate and get directions and much more. Similarly you can Look up your recent and favorite search phrases or browse everything nearby in a  signal tap.You can also share your findings with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Messages, Emails and other social networking sites.


Download Localscope iPhone app from app store.

3- star chart


Now you can even have a tiny universe in your iPhone through this amazing augmented reality iPhone app called Star Chart. Using GPS and 3D technology this iPhone app can tell you about the hanging body towards which you are pointing your iPhone. You can even visit other planets of the solar system and their stars too, through this app. The powerful zooming system amazes you as you can get a closer view of everything you want to observe.


Download star chart iPhone app from app store. 



Get ready to see the things which  you wouldn’t normally see, through wikitude, an amazing app from app store. It works as your third eye and helps you to see thousands  of different  things which you wouldn’t see, in completely different way, which provides you beautiful and exciting experience.You can also search for specific people and browse more than 100 million places and can easily interact from more than 3,500 content providers across the world.


Download Wikitude iPhone app from app store.

1. Sun Seeker

sun seeker

Now your iPhone tells you about the location of various places in the world but now it can help you out to know about the position of sun, through the augmented iPhone app called sun seeker. This is something very useful, especially for those whose work is related to the sun or its light such as gardeners, photographers, architects etc. The app uses GPS and compass to locate the position if the sun and 3D camera to show you spectacular results. Furthermore, it also gives you a chance to locate the path of sun on a particular day and the timings of rising and setting of the sun.


Download Sun Seeker iPhone app from app store.

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