Microsoft Will Give $200 If You Trade-In Your iPhone!

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Not everyday you get an offer like this. Microsoft is going to give you $200 if you trade in your used iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Check out the details of this iPhone trade-in below.

Microsoft which is trying its best to gain some market share in the already saturated smartphone segment is trying new ways to add iPhone users to its fan base. So how does it plan on doing that? Simple, give cash in return for an iPhone!

Microsoft trade-in program which had been talked for quite sometime has finally gone live. This plan which was initially initiated for the iPad has now been extended to the iPhone segment.

Microsoft is offering anyone $200 for a “gently used” iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. But there is a slight catch and that is, you will be awarded Microsoft Store credit, which means you can’t trade-in your iPhone for another iPhone - I bet it would have crossed many minds.

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What Microsoft wants to do is, it wants you to trade-in your iPhone for a Microsoft product such as the new Surface 2 or, to buy apps from their store. It is a way for people to get hooked onto their platform. If you ask me it is a good offer by Microsoft to get people to jump on their bandwagon.

Well are you going to opt for this iPhone trade-in program offered by Microsoft?

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