Unlock iPhone 4 On iOS 5/5.0.1 For Baseband 4.11.08: React0r Unlock (Guide)

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Is this the final solution for unlocking iPhone 4 on baseband 4.11.08? According to some people it is! Hamzah Akram the guy behind Reactor has finally released what could be the unlocking solution you have been waiting for such a long time. Here is a guide on how to unlock iPhone 4 BB 4.11.08.

SAM 4.11.08 unlock

Now before you get all excited that this is will unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 5. baseband 4.11.08, you should note that Hamzah Akram was previously considered to be fake by the iPhone dev team memeber Musclenerd and Sherif Hashim.

Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Guide

Disclaimer: We at Maypalo have NOT tested this method for unlocking iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 and therefore claim no responsibility if something happens to your iPhone 4 or if it does not work. As soon as we get confirmation whether this method works or not we will update this post!  See Update at the bottom of the post!


iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08

Original iPhone 4 SIM, if not available you can use Gevey SIM

SIM card with constant data available


carrier x . offical iPhone Carrier

carrier o . the carrier which we’ll use to unlock the iPhone.

Unlock iPhone 4 Guide

STEP 1: Jailbreak iPhone 4 using Redsnow. If not jailbroken go here.

STEP 2: After jailbroken install this repo


STEP 3: Search for SAM and install it

STEP 4: Open SAM then go out the app using home botton “LET IT OPEN”

STEP 5: First of all you need to go to http://www.unlockit.co.nz  (in your iPhone) and download your unofficial carrier profile

STEP 6: Insert your official iPhone SIM CARD and dial any number , if no service dial 112.

STEP 7: Go to settings>Carrier and turn off auto search the select the network which you will use to connect in next steps (i mean carrier o). You will be presented with a “Restricted Network…”.

STEP 8:  Just ignore it and go to settings menu.

STEP 9: Now turn on airplane mode.

STEP 10: Head over to SAM>utilities> and press to deactivate SAM , Deactivate push “Clear certs”

STEP 11: Go back check if SAM is in “Disabled” mode.

STEP 12: Now turn off auto connection.

STEP 13: Now go back to cydia > manage > sources then “bingner” the uninstall SAM. Don’t “restart springboard” now!

STEP 14: after uninstalling sam / press home button and go to settings then forget the Wi-Fi network~.

Note: make sure airplane mode is ON

STEP 15: Eject the Carrier X sim/ press of the no sim installed.

STEP 16: Go back to cyida and get ready for inserting the next sim (Carrier O).

here is the fast step!

STEP 17: Press “Restart Springboard” and insert the (carrier O) Sim card Before apple Logo “i mean normal restart springboard” progress indicator.’

STEP 18:  You will met the regular apple activation screen. with (E) just wait 30 seconds.

STEP 19: Reboot iPhone and you will be presented with SAM activation screen. You will see ‘one signal bar” and “E” right next to it.

STEP 20: You will see “use cellular connection” press it and wait 5 to 8 seconds

STEP 21 : Remove SIM and put it back again. you will redirect to home screen!…. with full signal bar “Carrier O” network

STEP 22: Now call service center for 1 minutes “auto reply services center” of carrier O.

STEP 23: Go to settings>General>about and check your carrier: it must be “Carrier 11.0”.

That is it! If you have followed the “steps correctly you might be able to unlock your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08

I should mention again that we have NOT tested this method therefore can not confirm if it works or not. We have some users who are claiming that they tried this method and got it working.

We are currently trying this method to unlock iPhone 4 basband 4.11.08. As soon as we are able to unlock iPhone we will post a video guide soon, so stay tuned to Maypalo.

Update: Folks it seems this is just another fake unlock. Musclenerd of iPhone dev team tweeted regarding a question.

Yep, that’s another faker (many will waste their weekend trying to get that to work, but it won’t work).

Those users who are getting a temporary question is because that is how OTA works

OTA activation gives temporary data connection, not voice though. It’s definitely not an unlock..it’s there by design

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161 Comments to Unlock iPhone 4 On iOS 5/5.0.1 For Baseband 4.11.08: React0r Unlock (Guide)

  1. Thanks for the update, Hamza, if this is real , then congratulations! if it does work, you have carried on trying even after being called fake, if not, then karmas a bitch for wasting all our time.

      • Yeas i can make a call it like a factory unlocked , it work like a charm after removing sim reinsert it remain unlocked even when restarting . Niceeeeeeeeee

          • Have called the service center for one minute .. It will able you make a calls ?? It just worked in the second try!. I afraid to lose this unlock .. Thanks for method ..Carrier 11.0 still … APN profile should be installed as mentiond to able to connect the data network..
            Sorry for my English l.

    • Sorry to say that you are really stupid! What has Sherif Hashim and others offered so far? They are jealous of this young man and maybe probably working for apple. Try it first before you start condemning…thanks Hamzah for saving me from all the so called fakers or apple…

      • You jailbreak ur device don’t u? Who made that possible? Since ur talking trash first check who provided u the most important peace “the jailbreak”

  2. benderkilledfry

    so whats the general consensus? I’ll try this if i get some spare time this weekend, but i honestly am not getting my hopes up. im running a 3gs on 06.15.00 and my phone just pisses me off due to the maps and GPS fuxing up. i this unlock doesnt contain any such problems. so i’ll test this out during this upcoming week, and report any bugs i find.

    lets hope you do the same, we all figure it out, and it works. because 04.11.08 is pissin me off.


  4. O dont know if its fake or not, what i dont like is that both musclenerd And sherif hashim maybe né silent for weeks but quem some sort of solution comes out so do they come to say its fake .
    Why dont You fuckin apdate ultrasnow to unlock 04.11.08 bb And all This film can come to an end.
    Go to work…

  5. This is crap…I tried so many times and havnt got to see th ‘E’ during the activation screen…This is BullSh!t!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a load of horse shit! I’ve tried several times and can’t get past the activation screen. What a waste of time!

  7. @sickandtiredofdevteam

    Every time someone tries 2 put some news about unlocking you all ask @Musclenerd and @Sherif… I think that these 2 guys are FAKERS, cause they know so much about OTA and other technically terms regarding unlocking of Bbs…they just took a lots of money from Apple just 2 sit around and do Nothing about 04.11.08. C’mon it’s fuckin obvious that they can do it but they just don’t want to… Hackers my ass … At least Akram is trying … So Maypalo stop listening 2 those so called ‘hackers’ and listen to real people who at least theyre trying something and theyre not on apples payroll… Fuck devteam

  8. Flávio Barbalho

    This work to me!
    Already realized five calls after procedure and everything worked perfect. Not sure but it seems that the system was a little slow. I’ll watch! An carrier Claro Brazil

    • You are the fucking gay with your devteam…worked a charm for me. Thanks Hamzah…atleast you’ve shown that you are the man.

  9. Fake, what a wasted of my time 🙁 I tried 4 times, at the last time, I got what he have said: “E”, carrier 11.0,… However, I couldn’t make a phone call and text SMS with my phone!
    People, don’t waste your time!

  10. Look how many users are desperate to have their iPhone 4 to get unlocked compared to 4s users. Yet those “unlockers” choose to make one for 4S only.

  11. Come on update ultrasnow and stop this its all about the money stop pushing iPhone 4 users to 4s.
    If we have money we never store this fucking iphone4 until a unlock release .
    Come on release that shit, its stupid a new iPhone on the markets and a new one to be released.
    Kepping like this scaming the fools who are desperate to unlock and releasing fake unlocks and other bullshits can you be called hackers??

  12. angel from hell

    why cant sherif hashim n musclenerd come up with a solution.. Or save some ground by improving hamzas reactor.. Why are they so anti hamzah or anti newcomer.. Get a life guys, if u dont unlock then gevey will.. So chill.. The world doesnt depend on u..

  13. Well, I have already read the twitter from hamzah_akram and he says that we need the original sim that come with your phone, but WTF¡ mine is fom KOREA and I live in Latinamerica, so he also says that if you don´t have it you should try using gevey, but again WTF¡¡, perhaps thats why this doesn´t work either, anyway, I really would like to get the normally UltraSn0w whitout anything else aditional. So Hamzah insist that DevTeam call his work Fake, but, perhaps is not fake that all, but,come on, is not a simple or stable solution, at least not for me. We´ll be in touch.

  14. Why was this even posted? Looking at the comments, most people were just desperate and did it without even considering what the repercussions might be. Always wait for confirmation, everyone. Don’t continue to pester them, just let them do their work and we will appreciate and donate to them when it comes out.

  15. Nice work Hamzah Well done…
    worked fine…. now you are My idol…
    if you follow the updated steps in his blog! you may unlock.
    i got my successful attempt at first time!

  16. You know the lesson i learnt from all this is Never to Buy an iphone ever. My Job makes me switch from country to country and with this kind of BS i really dont need the hassle. So apple you may have a wonderful
    phone but you sure as hell have a Snotty Ass policy regarding carriers. Steve Jobs was a Hack, an opportunist, even dead, he is still swindling us off our hard earned money.

  17. How can ppl who claim it work do this so quickly? Where did they get the oeiginal sim carrier? Why are thwir profiles only one month old?????

  18. would you like to have “E” in active screen..? You need to buy a gmate..:)) lolz. thats great idea.
    it’s a fake fake f*ck

  19. Lots of people twitting they did it !
    Check it out better before you crucify the guy again…
    I’m not an expert but it seems that NOBODY is really interested on this unlock.
    Where is the solution from DevTeam ? What have Musclenerd done so far other than criticize whoever try to reach somewhere ?
    Why would it be ???

  20. Ultrasn0w is already busted and gone away from software unlocking.
    It was replaced by Gevey/SIM Interposer for the sake of the money.
    They won’t going to update their Ultrasn0w anymore for 04.11.08 unlock without having New Gevey Unlock in the market.

    I’m afraid that out supposedly Heroes (DevTeam), are being paid by Apple for helping them pushing market sales of each iDevices.

    Tell Us which is more complicated. Baseband or Sandbox? Why our “Heroes” skipped 04.11.08 unlock? Does this mean A5 Chipset are more vulnerable for unstable/buggy chipset compared to A4 Chipset? Did Apple intentionally placed a whole for an exploit in A5 Chipset? So our “Heroes” can easily gain access?

    Kindly enlighten us please!

  21. I wonder why MuscleNerd & Sherif are more concerned explaining about fake unlocks rather than updating their followers about 04.11.08. O_o

  22. if the developers will release the 4.11.08 unlock today or next month the price of iphone 5 will become higher because of these issue the developers are avoiding to release the unlock version of 4.11.08.

  23. hey i tried it at least 10 times and it didn’t work. there is no e (edge) symbol and i think now that it’s fake.
    but people please make a video if it is working. otherwise i will call it as a fake.

  24. Musclenerd and hashim is making money out of this baseband, they are in bind with applenberry, think bout this? Why does you need a jailbroken iphone enable for u to use gevey sim??? And suddenly hashim stopped updating ultrasn0w?

  25. You know what doesn’t make sense why don’t they come up with this unlock. Dear apple even if you pay them to to not solve this problem it’s not that we are going to through away our iPhone 4 to buy a. iPhone 4s and even if we were to sell our iPhone 4 that would me that someone else would have this problem and for sure you know how many would turn to Samsung galaxy . I for sure don’t know how to solve this case but at least they don’t call me Hacker as for you pieces of s..t that just blab about this baseband but seems to me you are worthless as all the other fakes.

    • It doesn’t make sense because it’s not true…isn’t that kind of obvious? I don’t even know why I’m replying to any of these posts. But it seems like the vast majority of people who have iPhones can’t hold it in and trying something that might just waste their time. You’ve waited months already, why not a few more days for confirmation by video? The thing is, I don’t even trust TPSIM because they came from out of nowhere. Still waiting for confirmation by someone well-known. And I’ll spell this out clearly, the confirmation hasn’t been made yet because TPSIM is still in pre-order so no one can confirm it yet.

  26. Guy’s plzzz don’t call it fake at least some one is trying thank’s to Hamzah.. I think MuscleNerd & sherif are playing f**kin games with us i think at last we have to sell our iphone’s.. am not gona buy apple products aver.. F**k apple

  27. Joe is rite we are not going to through our iphone 4 or buy your iphone 4s or i5 well never going to buy your product’s cozz your product’s are piece of crap..

  28. Iphone is the best phone, indeed, but if they are always giving a bullshit out of their users. I guess ill switch to samsung instead, cheaper and getting smart in progresa

  29. To all of us who has the same problem, i think its time for us to move on and accept the fact that there will be no solution to this. All of them are making money out of us via donation and imposter sim. We can still use this as a music player. Just save up and buy samsung galaxy or htc. Ill never gonna suport iphone ever again

  30. Wasting lots of time, day for this unlocking solution. It’s already took 6 months for this and so on. This guide/tools comes from Hamza that some other people say is “working”, some other is not?. why this thing not do in perfect. I’m just surprise that new program tools coming out is for 4S above, how about the people using IPhone 4 which stock on 4.11.08? still on processing? or already abandon? hehehe… i know all people having iphone 4 w/ bb 4.11.08 is hating APPLE Company and someday we are the reason why APPLE Company Collapse… *PEACE*

  31. Have you seen this when trying this unlock? it seems below instructions is incorrect or wrong description?

    STEP 10: Head over to SAM>utilities> and press to deactivate SAM , Deactivate push “Clear certs”

    STEP 11: Go back check if SAM is in “Disabled” mode.

  32. please make a video if its true, i tried 2 times but it dint work for me :O,i dont wanna blame it its fake, cause i may be wrong somewhere 🙂

  33. Reactor no funciona es un engaño, Musclenerd y Shérif son socios de Apple. La BB 4.11.08 es un juego de Apple para aumentar el precio del iPhone. Es un negocio multimillonario donde todos estos sujetos llevan su tajada, su gorda tajada. Conclusión : hasta que no halla iPhone 5 no habrá unlock. Para el 4.11.08, por algo los “héroes” del devteam están tan calladitos con respecto al tema. 🙁

    • Asi es amigo… esto es un complot entre dev team y apple.. que casualidad que no pueden desbloquearlo.. veran que cuando entre el iphone 5 al dia siguiente.. sorpresa… de la noche a la mañana se desbloqueara el 4.11.

      y como dice nuestro compañero GASTINO…. estos son negocios… mucho dinero de por medio..

      saludos y a esperar

  34. How about we all open a page where everyone with baseband 04.11.08 can write to Samsung and all together decide to traied our iPhone ‘s in for the new galaxy I’m sure they would give us a good price and it would be a great pubblicity for Samsung ! And F…k this idiots that fool with us! We can make It on Facebook !

    • Brilliant Idea 🙂 I have sold all my 3 iphones a few days ago on ebay and I will never buy this stupid brick! All of them are playing with customers and all of them are just trying to collect tons of money but it seems, it is not enough 🙂 Applenberry needs 20K fans LOL OMG what a fuching wast of time!

  35. Fully agree with Joe. Samsung or HTC… even if they gimme a 50$ discount i wudnt mind. Screw Apple … I wish their stocks fall 50$ this quarter. I wish they get crucified for the bad karma there stupid policy is generating.

  36. Ask maypalo to make a blog over this, so that all the money makin hackers could read. I dont know why they call them self a hacker or a baseband pro. They should work in a corporate office

  37. Ived tried these steps and screwed up because i dont have my original sim, i got this activate your phone the start menu and wont let me access my iphone, just in case that happen to you, just re-jailbreak your iphone. And it will back to the usual

  38. Go for it I don’t like apple any more yes I am using MacBook pro and it’s my 3 Mac lab top and this is my 3ed iPhone but am ready to change it all lit apple be secrw

  39. Woooooooohooooooooooo
    It worked , my iPod is an iphone4 again now , thanks mannnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Dev team r the fakerssssssss , and am sure they r apple employees too coz they used to unlock all bbs in a couple of days except this bb that came with the issue of iPhone 4s , so people will need to buy 4s ,
    Hamzah thnxxxxxxxx

  40. i need to AT&T sim xD what the f***? how i find in Moldova AT&T Sim? to unlock is need original sim with operator that lock iphone :/

  41. what is wrong with you hackers! ? if one of you would make that gevey sim already and it would cost like 20 - 30 bucks you would be like fuckin rich

    • Make sure you don’t have any alteration in your Host file. Delete everything that is related with Apple. You can find tutorials in youtube.
      BTW, you cannot downgrade from 5.0.1 to any iOS4 version without shsh blobs saved in Cydia.

  42. hehe, video ?? I think U guys just thought evvery one one the Earth have camcorder ?? , have U ever think how much Iphone sell in other country ?? , and how long they have to find out the way to unclock iphone ?? 1 or 2 ” ??? Just think PPl , don’t give a s..t to iphone anymore , We PPL will have fun with the other kind off phone out there !

  43. Usually unlocker/crackers do it to cause buisnesses a loss, but here its the otherway around.

    If your JB and using free apps, then both Apple and the Carriers are being affected here.

    So from a crackers point of view, they are killing 2 birds with one stone.

    I wouldnt hold my breath on an unlock being released without payment like gevey.

    When it comes down to it, its not devs fault that your phone is now locked, its yours.
    If you own a legit phone then call your carrier to unlock for international/emergency reasons and keep paying your bills.
    And if those who complaining are reselling phones unlocked internationally for profit, then you are actually worse then what your complaining about here simply because your relying on devs hardwork/free software to profit from.

    So in saying that if i wouldnt release anything either after reading replys from an ungreatful lot of users.

    Happy Days Devs…

  44. I dont know if this would be possible. But i’ ll bad mouth apple to everyone by being such an asshole and not giving a f**k about their customers. They all fed us up with some wonderful technologies. They are making us like a robot and control us to buy their new products. Iphone 4 hasnt been reached 10th year. And not its useless, its has the same turd with iphone 4s they just add siri which is not ao expensive before on app store

  45. Bought a galaxy as well now F*** off apple n bb 4.11.08, use less piece of shit “dev team” who call them self hackers boy you guys can only hack your own holes and there you will find late mr. jobs Dck stuck, and last but not least hamzah akram a wanabe hacker well you can blow us all you will infact get more fame then you got through fakeing… Lesson learned no more apple !

  46. I read all replies and some they had good info and some were too short saying that is fake. on my experience on blogs whoever writes short comments, never tries anything. As I see this guy is trying to make something work,,,,as blog users we can tested and if it works great if it doesnt work then we just comment back that it didnt work and may need some changes. being fake is only when you dont try anything but this guy is at least trying and from reading other blogs too Sherif and the other guy dont want to loose their pride of being the only ones that can unlock the iphone 4 because if the above unlock proves to be working then whatever sherif said is fake to me. So please if someone tried and it worked please upload a video so we can see.

    Also to whoever likes the word “Fake”, you are the fakes one for not even trying the unlock above.

  47. guys, if you are living in us and you want to use your a different carrier try H2o wirless simcard, no contrat at all. i’m using it with iphone 4 5.0.1 bb 4.11.08

  48. Some notes:
    First off, I am disgusted by all the stupid fucks on this forum that are literally begging like cheap people for a FREE, TESTED, VIDEO solution to fix their iPods.
    Listen up you dumb fucks: NOBODY, I mean NOBODY is RESPONSIBLE for giving you a FREE and VIABLE solution for your problem so stop acting like spoiled children. Sherif and whoever out there are not your parents to whom to bitch for a new toy that you didn’t get. But I guess this is what you are, dumb beggar fucks.
    Also, TOO ALL those who comment in Spanish : SPANISH IS NOT THE FUCKING OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD, English is. Learn ENGLISH, idiots ! I have more respect for those who comment in Mandarin..

    Now for the actual review :
    iPhone 4 AT&T, 4.11.08, have original AT&T SIM card, downloaded profile Orange ROMANIA. (PS: I wouldn’t expect the stupid fucks listed above to know where Romania is, yeah, it’s you I’m talking about..).
    At step 7 “Go to settings>Carrier and turn off auto search the select the network which you will use to connect in next steps (i mean carrier o). You will be presented with a “Restricted Network…”.”, I turn the slider to OFF and I get an error ” Unable to load network list”. I am stuck here.

    Reading through the rest of the instructions (Step 10,11,12) I can’t find these options in SAM.

  49. well u is a dumb, stupid cock sucking foul to go at people and u aint do the complete unlock. you is a fucking asshole. when u jave enough sense to figure it out then u talk to people.

  50. hi all again, with respect to the insults received for speaking Spanish answered him that is ignorant. I can speak in the language that I like. To say that English is the language of the world is stupid, Hittler also said that German was the language of the world. you respect my opinion as I respect yours, but I read a lot and have visited many blogs to say what I want.

  51. Reactor does not work is a fake, Sheriff and Muscle are partners of Apple. The BB 4.11.08 is a game for Apple iPhone price increase. It is a multimillion dollar business where all these guys take their slice, a fat slice. Conclusion: until there is no unlock iPhone 5. For 4.11.08, something the “heroes” of the DevTeam are so quietly on the issue.

  52. Conclusion: until no iPhone 5, there is no unlock for 4.11.08, something the “heroes” of the DevTeam are so quietly on the issue.

  53. To Naeem,

    Its not Apples fault. Its those who dont read the eua really. Those who dont read the finer detail and dont know exactly what things do before diving in that get stuck.

    What i wanted to say though was Apple and iOS is a far superior OS than android will ever be. Period.
    It is not as unstable or resource hungry like Android is.
    Apps are far superior then those on Android in both function and cosmetic. Its better for software developers.

    So theres really only 2 things wrong with an iphone being no offline radio, and its background tracking.

    Sorry you changed phones waiting for an unlock, but next time be more careful. Would like to know how you find the gallexy in comparison. Let us know when it starts snailing, is unstable and you want to throw it away for a iphone 5:-)

    Patch a Kernal.

  54. YESSSSSS, Finally !!! it worked for me, i got iphone 4 and 5.1 firmware and baseband 4.11.08, after few time trying it did worked. what i did was i installed (SAM) and from the given website i got the match certificate for my simcard, then i just didnt go to air plain mode and skip the step and still did the rest of the steps then another thing i did additional was i uninstalled all the apps from this source not only (SAM), which means (ACUtil, SAM, SAMPrefs). then it just recognize my network. the 3G, and every thing works fine.

    i hope all of you guys can make it work

  55. I have a video ready , just want a software to remove or fade out my IMEI from the video to protect my iPhone from being Locked by apple 🙂

  56. every reply in this thread that said they worked was the actual dude posting that made the fake unlock blog post always having jabs at dev team saying there employed by apple..

  57. I try all steps and there step to turn on aeroplane mode on but i don;t see any steps when that aeroplane mode should we turn off

  58. In SAM Utiils I got
    Backup Activation
    De-Activate iphone
    Restore Activation
    I don;t have Deactivate push “Clear certs this option help

  59. hi everyone,

    i am from Bangladesh . i need to unlock my iphone 4G it come from UK
    O2 Carrier .
    Version : 5.0.1
    Modem Firmware : 04.11.08
    Model : MC603B
    i search the Model and its say it is factory Unlock but here in my country i am confused is it unlock for my country or it is really only unlock for O2 UK ? “i need to use my local network operators .”

    please help me . i need to know and unlock these phone …. email me :- [email protected]

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