iPhone 4 Gets Jailbroken (Untethered) On iOS 5.1: Pod2g

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It has been finally done folks. iPhone 4 running on iOS 5.1 has been jailbroken untethered by one of the main hackers in the jailbreaking community, pod2g.

iPhone 4S jailbreak

Pod2g via his Twitter account tweeted mentioning something we all had been waiting for. The news regarding the untethered jailbreak for the A4 device, Apple’s iPhone 4.

Pod2g tweeted:

Heya! My iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 is now untethered :-)

After months of waiting for an untethered jailbreak for the latest firmware, that is iOS 5.1. We can now confirm that iPhone 4 has indeed been jailbroken on the latest firmware by pod2g.

Although the exploit that has been used for the untether jailbreak for iPhone 4 has been developed by pod2g, we can expect that the final touch will be from iPhone dev team leader musclenerd, who will release the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 in a redsnow update.

Now the question on most of those users who are waiting for the jailbreak would be; when is the jailbreak tool (redsnow) going to be released to untethered jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1. Although we have not been given an exact date for the jailbreak but I can say that it will released within a week or so.

Redsnow could already jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1 but it wasn’t untethered, until today. Although it’s great to see iPhone 4 getting untether jailbroken on iOS 5.1, many of you would be waiting for a jailbreak for iPhone 4S and the new iPad 3/2. The last time we got information on it was that there is still lots of work to do and it may take more then a month.

Any thoughts?

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17 Comments to iPhone 4 Gets Jailbroken (Untethered) On iOS 5.1: Pod2g

  1. Thang Nguyen

    …but now, have not been Tool for JB Untethered, i am waiting second by second….. still waiting.

  2. HI , I have iphone 4 ios 5.1 modemfirmware 04.12.01 i have once unlocked with sam and i saved my activation ticket with redsnow now i have restored my iphone and i try to use this activation tickekt which is on a zip file named Lockdown but it`s not working anyone please who can help mee

    • You need to unzip that file, then look for the folder “Lockdown”, copy the whole folder, and shsh it your iPhone replace the whole folder of Lockdown in your iPhone with your back-up to this path


      make sure that you’re going to use the same SIM you used to activate with SAM.

  3. Nice, I have an iphone 4 5.0.1 baseband 4.11.08 unlocked with SAM!! with my ticked saved!!

    My question..

    Can I update to 5.1 untethered my iphone unlocked and it does not locked again?

    Redsnow preserve the baseband right?

    I want to be sure..


    • @RAKI & ENIS

      Well, I haven’t tried that method Copy & Pasting. But it should work like restoring. After pasting respring and reboot your phone.

  4. I have a iphone 4 5.0.1 4.11.08, what is the best way to unlock it(if there is one)? Im new to this, so any info would be greatful,


  5. i have tried but when i reboot my device shows me tha activation proces and it want1s the oiginal sim card sorry for my bad english

    • You restored and Jailbroken your iPhone?

      After you jailbroken your iPhone. Use iFunbox to explore your iPhone.
      look for “Lockdown” folder inside your iPhone and delete it
      ‘under this path’


      after deleting the whole folder of “Lockdown”, replace it now with your back-up “Lockdown”, using the same SIM card you used before in activating using SAM. Then reboot your iPhone.

    • There is nothing munch you can do unless you have activation tickets by SAM. Wait…wait and wait hoping that some thing will come up.

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