Here Is How To Create A Mosaic On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!

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Display apps are the most fun to play with because the results can be seen visually and thus the alteration in them is even more easier and exciting. Hence keeping this fascination for display features in mind, today we bring you an all new iOS app, that will help you to use your iDevices in an entirely new way. The app will display a single picture on multiple iDevices, lined together creating a mosaic. Checkout the details of the app and the way to use it.

Mosaic iOS App

The basic working of the is related to the Bump, which is an app for iOS and Andriod. It let’s you send photographs and contact information from one device to another by just “bumping them together” to share photos quickly. comes with a twist, as it allows you to share the photos between the iPhones, iPads and iPod touchs but if kept side by side and then it creates a mosaic of the picture on all the iDevices paired together!

The pairing of these devices is automatic, which means that no manual connection is required to be done. Pair all the devices next to each other and then wait them to get connected.

mosaic-io iPhone

Furthermore, if you want the file that is to be shared from the drop box then tap on the screen and select the ‘Dropbox’ option. Following this login your account and you will be shown all of your cloud files, select the file that is to be shared and then drag it from one screen to another. While dragging you will see a visible line on the screen, which is an indication that the transfer of the file is taking place.

Now in order to create a mosaic of that shared picture, go to ‘Photos’ option from the menu from the source device. After this place all the iDevices next to each other and let the picture get load. Once loading is completed, drag the picture from the source device to the one next to it. is not just a dispaly app but an openning to an entirely new technological world. Though the app has some lackings at the moment but these can be neglected as this is the initial stage of this technology.

You can download from the link below for a price of free! So go ahead and give it a try.


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