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Well folks it was about time we got some Google experience on the iPhone. Google Now, which is probably one of the best features of Android Jelly Bean has finally landed on the iPhone and iPad. Google Now is available, and before you do anything, just go ahead and download Google Now.

Download Google Now

Those people who own Android devices would know about this feature that was once exclusive to Android running Jelly Bean. Google Now has been mentioned as one of the best features of Android as it allows you to get the right information whenever you need it.

Google Now for the iPhone and iPad brings a much-needed feature that many iOS users had been waiting for. No wonder many people are now calling the iPhone as “the best Android phone”.

For those people who are uninitiated with Google Now, it basically shows you the right information when you need it. All the information is displayed on “cards” which are updated automatically to bring you the information that is relevant to you.

Google Now iPhone


For those people who want a quick overview on how Google Now functions to help you serve better information. Check out the video below from Google.

Unlike the one on Android, Google Now is only available through the Google search app not as a feature of the iPhone, which is not surprising considering Apple is very strict about the way iOS is run.

Those people who already have Google’s search app should just update it and get the Google Now. But for those who are new to this, you should download Google Now from the download link below.

Download Google Now.


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