iPhone 5S Is Twice As Fast As iPhone 5 In Benchmark Scores!

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Apple at its media event mentioned that the iPhone 5S was going to be twice as fast as iPhone 5. some were skeptical because iPhone 5 is considered to be one of the world’s fastest smartphone, and topping that up was going to be quite hard. Well it seems Apple holds true to its words as the benchmark scores for the iPhone 5S are here and they seem to be agreeing with Apple. iPhone 5S is twice as fast as the iPhone 5. Details below!

iPhone 5S real

iPhone 5S is Apple’s flagship device that is set out to beat the competition especially the one coming from Samsung. iPhone 5S packs a 64-bit A7 processor with a M7 chip to drastically increase the speed of the device. You can check out a comparison between the iPhone 5S vs the competition here.

But those of you who are reading this post might be more interested in the comparison between the iPhone 5 vs the iPhone 5S. Well a few of the benchmark scores are here - iPhone 5S is twice as fast as the iPhone 5!

iPhone 5S benchmark


As you can see the above screen shot - iPhone 5S is almost twice as fast as the iPhone 5 - which might come as a relief to many of you who were not sure whether to buy the iPhone 5S or not when it is available on 20 September 2013.

We should mention here that benchmark scores should not be taken as a “confirmation” for speed. Real-world use might vary and it also depends on how the person is using the smartphone when it comes to speed testing. But nonetheless, iPhone 5S can be considered much faster than the iPhone 5.

Well what are your thoughts on the iPhone 5S? Do you believe in the benchmark scores?

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