Samsung To Buy BlackBerry For $7.5 Billion!

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Ever since the iPhone came out, BlackBerry, once the king of smartphones has tumbled. Losing not only market share but almost getting kicked out of the business thanks to Apple. Well, it seems Samsung is going to finally put the nail in the coffin in BlackBerry’s case. Samsung is reportedly buying BlackBerry for $7.5 billion!

The report regarding the buyout of BlackBerry comes from the credible news organization Reuters. Which mentions that Samsung wants to buy BlackBerry, mostly because of its patents, which are numbered to be 44,000 - worth at least $1.41 billion. But some analyst think this number is too low as the patents are worth more.

Not only is Samsung trying to acquire BlackBerry to gain the patents but the South Korean company has a much deeper reason. Samsung wants to get into the corporate world, as BlackBerry has still a strong foothold, one of the best ways to get into that, is through BlackBerry.


After the report regarding Samsung buying BlackBerry, shares of the Canadian firm rose 30 percent but later Samsung issued a statement denying this claim. After Samsung’s statement, the shares fell 15 percent.

Even if BlackBerry accepts the 7.5 billion buyout from Samsung, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company, will still need Canadian governments approval, according to Canadian law.

So there is still quite a lot of time before any major decision takes place.

(Source: Reuters)

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