You Will Be Able To Download iOS 9 For iPhone 4S & iPad Mini!

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Instead of bringing in tons of new features to the next operating system for iOS, Apple is focusing more on an enhanced and less buggy release. iOS 9 is going to bring major under-the-hood enhancements and we are finding out that it will be even able to support iPhone 4S and the original iPad Mini!

There were reports going around that Apple is deliberately trying to make people buy new devices, by making newer versions of iOS more slow on older hardware. Well, it seems Apple has addressed this rumor by making iOS 9 work on devices that have no longer support. These include the A5 devices.

This is going to surprise a lot of you but Apple is bringing the devices back from the dead. iPhone 4S and the iPad Mini which were not supposed to support iOS 9 will in fact support iOS 9!

iOS 9

The reason why older devices will be able to support iOS 9 is because Apple is making a core-version of iOS 9 that will have hardware support for A5 devices. Instead of making different versions and removing features for different devices; iOS 9 will have one core version with new features for different devices. Sounds a bit confusing? I don’t blame you. Apple is be able to clear this when iOS 9 is unveiled in WWDC 2015.

Apple is going to make iOS 9 more optimized therefore making older hardware be able to support the new version. This is great news for people who still own older devices. Apple is listening to their loyal user base after all.

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