Facebook Introduces GIF Images - Expect Tons Of Them!

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Facebook today introduced animated GIFs, finally giving them the green light which a lot of people had been expecting for a very long time. So if you are one of those people who reply only in GIFs then this is a God-send.

Facebook GIFs

Facebook had been toying the idea of whether or not to introduce GIFs, the short animated pictures you will have seen on various other social media sites or just regular websites. It’s competitors already have it and it was a matter of time when Facebook would have finally allowed these images - that day is finally here.

One of the major concerns for Facebook was that it might increase the number of spam posts but it seems that Facebook might have a solution for this.

Facebook GIFs

To post GIFs on Facebook, all you need to do is simply past the URL of the GIFs (it usually ends with a .gif) to a comment or wherever you want to place the GIF. It is pretty simple, no need for any configurations.

Well what do you think of Facebook’s decision on allowing GIFs?

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