How To Sign Up For iOS 9 & OS X EL Capitan Public Beta

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Both iOS 9 and OS X EL Capitan are available for download to developers but if you are not a developer and would simply want to wait and don’t want to download via a leaked link, then good news is here for you. Apple has mentioned that you would be able to sign up for the public beta for iOS 9 and OS X EL Capitan and here is how.

Starting last year, Apple mentioned that it is going to let non-developers give access to some up-coming betas, and it is continuing this tradition with the public sign-ups for iOS 9 and OS X EL Capitan.

Right now both of these softwares for iOS devices and Macs are not available. Apple during the keynote mentioned that the first public beta version will be available somewhere in July - so hang on tight.

OS X EL Capitan

If you want to sign-up for the public beta for OS X EL Capitan and iOS 9 head over to Apple beta page. Once you are on it, you can use your Apple ID to sign up for the public beta. Once that is done; you are enrolled in the list. Whenever Apple launches the public beta, you will get an email, letting you know that the new software is available for download.

Do note a few things that even though it is going to come out after a few betas which will be available for developers, it might still face some bugs so do not install it on a machine that is your primary one.

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