How To Easily Download Data From Android To iPhone

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The two major operating systems that are currently ruling the market are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. But if a person has to shift from one OS to another, the process has been very hard, as there was currently no easy way to download all your data from one phone to another. Well, Apple has changed that. Here is how to easily download (shift) data from Android to iPhone.

Transfer Data From Android to iPhone

When Apple presented its keynote, they mentioned a lot of things and some of them, for example, the Apple music, they gave a lot of time to. But a major one, especially for those people who are thinking of shifting to Apple’s ecosystem, received a little attention. Well, don’t worry, as this important app or feature is here to make things go easy for you.

Apple is going to introduce an app for Android called “Move to iOS”, which as the name suggests, allows people to easily shift from Android to iOS - not the other way round, it’s only a one way trip.

move to iOS

There is currently not much know about the app besides the fact that it will transfer “contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books”. If you have paid apps then they will be added to your wish list.

The app is currently not available in the Play Store, as it will be released when Apple launches iOS 9 to the public later this year.

But if you were thinking about the data you had on your Android phone and how you were going to transfer it to an iPhone, well the process has been made simple.

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