How To Check Which Are Top Free & Paid Cydia Tweaks

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There are tons of lists out there which show the top Cydia tweaks for iOS devices but we truly do not know which ones are being downloaded the most. App Store has this feature called Top Free and Top Paid but we currently do not have one for Cydia. Well it is finally here - in a form of a Cydia tweak!

Indulge is a new tweak (currently in beta) that shows you the top free and paid tweaks in Cydia. Something a lot of people had been asking for quite sometime.

Once you download Indulge Cydia tweak, it brings in a new tab called “Top Rated” at the bottom section. Pressing on that takes you to the top free and paid sections. It displays the top 20 tweaks for each section, which is more than enough I guess.

Indulge tweak

Well how exactly does it do this even though it can not have direct access to Cydia’s data? The answer is pretty simple. Once you download the tweak, it checks which tweaks you are buying and all the users who have Indulge installed. This way it can build a data of its own - smart!

Although this is not a “true” top section for Cydia but it is something nonetheless - unless Saurik comes up with a top free and paid section.

You can download Indulge Cydia tweak for free by adding this repo:

Well, what do you think about this new tweak?

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