Can Microsoft Disable Pirated Games On Windows 10? Short Answer: No!

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Millions of people are using Windows 10 right now and countless others are going to join them soon. There has been a lot of concern regarding privacy in Windows 10 and a recent report just pushes it even further. So what’s the new hype about? “Microsoft can disable pirated games“! Those are some of the sensational titles you will be seeing or have already seen. So the questions arises: can Microsoft actually disable pirated games?

I’m directly going to give you the straight forward answer and that is no, Microsoft will not disable all pirated games on Windows 10, but it is going to scan and disable pirated games or services relating to: Windows 10, Xbox and Xbox Live.

Now let’s take a detailed look.

Microsoft has updated its End User License Agreement (EULA), which states that Windows 10 can automatically check and update software that can disable services such as pirated games and unauthorized hardware peripheral devices or services.

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The terms that Microsoft are using are a bit vague, it doesn’t actually mention what it means when it says disable ‘counterfeit games’ or ‘hardware peripheral devices’. But one thing is for sure, Microsoft will actually ban pirated games that are downloaded from Xbox Live.

For example if you download a pirated version of Black Ops from Xbox Live to your P.C., Microsoft will disable that game. Or any other pirated services.

Microsoft is not going to disable a pirated game that you downloaded from a CD for any game. That system would be far too complex.

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But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft won’t disable any pirated game or service in future. You never know, it might be working on that system as we speak! But for now, if you have a pirated game - you are good to go. But that doesn’t mean you should pirate games. It is bad for the gaming industry.

Well what are your thoughts on Microsoft having the ability to ban pirated games and services regarding Xbox Live?

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