Rose Gold iPhone 6S Pictures Leaked(?)

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It seems we may have our first complete pictures of the iPhone 6S and this time it is shown in the rose gold color - something which had been talked extensively in the past. Take a look at the leaked pictures of the rose gold iPhone 6S or are they truly leaked?

Before you begin pointing out that this is the real rose gold iPhone 6S, I will go ahead and say it that these pictures come from a Chinese social media site and the person who posted these images has no previous track record regarding leaking Apple products. Keeping that in mind check out these pictures.

iPhone 6S rose gold picture

As you can see from the leaked pictures of the rose gold iPhone 6S, the aesthetics are pretty similar to the current iPhone 6. Which shouldn’t be a surprise considering all the reports of the iPhone 6S are pointing towards an iPhone that is similar to the current one.

iPhone 6s gold rose

The rose gold iPhone 6S rumor was initially started by a well-renowned analyst who has a solid track record when it comes to Apple.

iPhone 6S rose gold

Do you think these pictures of the supposedly rose gold iPhone 6S are real or not? Drop a comment in the section below.

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