Samsung’s Gear S2 Watch Looks Amazing! (Video)

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Those of you still deciding on which side to pick in the smart watch battle arena; there is a new contender and its name is Gear S2 from Samsung. And, surprisingly (I shouldn’t say ‘surprisingly’ here) Samsung has brought a serious fighter - Gear S2.

In a promo video posted by Samsung today it showed how the Samsung Gear S2 is going to look like and it does look very appealing; something which most future smart watch users are waiting for. It is circular (which in my view gives extra points) and looks like a… watch!

Moto 360 received a lot of praise for its design and rightfully so; therefore Samsung is following in its footsteps by releasing (soon) a circular smart watch.

Samsung Gear S2

The software for the up-coming Gear S2 is going to receive a make-over. From the video embedded below it does look polished. But that’s a promo video and that is exactly what it is supposed to do - make it look better than what it might actually be.

From the video the Samsung Gear S2 does look nice. But we need more information from Samsung to know whether this watch can beat Apple Watch or not.

What do you think about the Samsung Gear S2?

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