Apple Digs Deeper Into Artificial Intelligence

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It seems that Apple wants to really accelerate its AI (Artificial Intelligence) division by acquiring new technologies and that is exactly what it is doing right now. Apple recently acquired Perceptio, a start up that focuses on AI systems for smartphones.

Perceptio uses deep learning, which is a method of using large amounts of data to make computers smarter. Deep learning has been available for quite a long time but the usage of this has recently been picked up by major tech titans. 

Unlike some other AI start ups, Perceptio uses AI to classify images without the need of large amounts of data provided by every user to a repository. This makes a lot of sense to Apple and Apple device owners, who are keen of minimizing data provided by them to Apple servers. As it might raise some privacy concerns.

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This is not the first time Apple has acquired an AI start up. Only some weeks ago, we received news that Apple acquired another AI start up that provides realistic conversations to Siri.

Well this is surely interesting path Apple and other major tech titans are taking.

What are your thoughts?

(Via Bloomberg)

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