Anonymous Pledges To Attack ISIS On A Massive Scale!

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ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks on Paris which claimed 129 lives and more than 350 injured. Well, in response to that, not only France conducted air strikes in Syria against targets labelled as ISIS but Anonymous, the hacking group, has launched a campaign against them. They warned of a massive cyber attack against ISIS.

Anonymous posted a YouTube video announcing that they are going to launch a cyber war against ISIS. They mentioned this in the video posted below which is in French. The attack being planned out by Anonymous is in response to the attack on Pairs.

Anonymous mentioned that this is going to be their biggest cyber war ever and Anonymous members from all over the world will participate.

So what exactly are they going to do? Well, or starters, they are going to mention: people, Twitter accounts, other social ID’s of people who are part of ISIS or are supporters of the group. They are going to expose as many people as possible.

Although Anonymous can not do much physical harm to ISIS but what they can do is damage their networking or communication infrastructure.

Let’s see what Anonymous plans to do with ISIS.

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