iPhone 6 Catches Fire In a Man’s Jeans (Video)

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If you ever wondered how hot your iPhone can get, well look no further as today we have the video showing you exactly how hot the iPhone can get. Well hot enough for your jeans to catch fire, that hot! Check out the video below in which a man’s jeans caught fire because the iPhone got so hot.

A man had to take emergency steps when he realized smoke was coming out of his pants. So he had to take them off immediately only later to find out that the smoke was coming from his iPhone 6 Plus. As you can image this whole situation was pretty embarrassing and because of that he wants an apology.

iPhone 6 fire

Now you might think this is Apple’s fault but to make things clear, he did mention that Apple sent it to a refurbishing company in 2014 to get it fixed. And, probably that specific company, not Apple, caused this problem.

Check out the video below.

Who’s to blame here? Apple or the other company?

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