Samsung Gear S2 Will Be Compatible With iPhone This Year

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Those of you who loved the Samsung Gear S2 but could not buy it because they had an iPhone would be rejoiced to know that Samsung will be making the Gear S2 compatible with the iPhone later this year! Samsung announced this news at their keynote at CES this Tuesday.

The Moto 360 gave rise to the birth of the circular smart watches and the Gear S2 is following that trend. Keeping in mind how popular the Moto 360 got, Samsung wants to catch that bandwagon and develop the smart watch to be compatible with as many platforms as possible. That is the reason it is going for the iPhone.

The iPhone is without a doubt the most popular smartphone in the world and getting Gear S2 to be compatible with the iPhone would definitely make a big impact on the sales for the smart watch.

So when is it going to be compatible with the iPhone? Samsung hasn’t mentioned an exact date but has given the timeframe of “later this year”, which to be honest isn’t much of a date.

This is definitely great news for people who were waiting for Samsung to announce such a news and it finally has come.

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