Here Is How To Get Into Secret Uber VIP Program

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If you are a regularly Uber user then you would be happy to know that you can finally avail some perks for using the service for a long time or being a loyal customer to it. This new ‘secret’ service is called the Uber VIP. Well, here is how to get into the secret Uber VIP program.

Uber, the multi-billion dollar company, is bringing out new features once almost every month but the problem is those new features are not available in every region. Uber VIP is one of those programs. Before you jump into the Uber VIP program, there is one thing you should know, it is not available in every region.

Currently Uber VIP is available in: New York City, Washington and Denver. Well, how do you get into the Uber VIP program? Simple take as many rides as possible! To be precise you have to take 100 or more Uber rides to get into the secret Uber VIP program.

Uber VIP

What are the perks of being an Uber VIP person? You have access to top-tier vehicles not just any Uber Black but the high-class cars available in that bracket. Using Uber VIP will get you drivers who have a 4.8 and above rating. Uber is making sure you get the best experience possible.

The prices for Uber VIP are the same for Uber Black. Uber is not charging any additional fees, so that’s a good thing.

Uber VIP program is invite-only, therefore the only way to get is to get the minimum 100 ride requirement.

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