Take A Look At Real Racing 3 for Apple TV (Video)

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I’m a huge fan of race racing genre games and have played tons of them and when I found out that Real Racing 3 has come to the Apple TV. It got me excited. Well, it finally is here and we have the first look. So check out the first look video for the Real Racing 3 for the Apple TV.

Real Racing 3 which was available for the iPad before has come to the Apple TV. RR3 offers truly spectacular gameplay and tons of customization and racing options for the car enthusiast. So if you are one or have an Apple TV, it is time to get RR3.

RR3 Apple TV

Real Racing 3 offers split-screen multiplayer option for the latest Apple TV. It uses the Apple TV remote as a controller to give you a great gaming experience on your HDTV.

As you would expect from Real Racing, the game offers spectacular graphics and features for you to get immersed in hours and hours of game play.

Well, check out the video below from Jeff to get the first look at Real Racing 3 for the Apple TV.

Well, what are your thoughts on Real Racing 3 for the Apple TV? Looks great to me but experience it for yourself as RR3 is free. Go and grab it!

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