Donald Trump Wants Us To Boycott Apple Products!

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The war between the U.S. government and Apple has heated to new levels. Donald Trump today took a measure position on this stance, asking its voters to boycott Apple products! This stances comes after Apple’s refusal to create a software that can bypass the terrorist’s iPhone.

The fight between Apple and F.B.I. is ongoing and various political factions in U.S. have started to pour in their opinion on this issue. While the politicians want Apple to create such a backdoor in to their iOS software but Apple has refused to do so because they argue that this software could lead to the authorize unlocking any iPhone whether terrorist or not.

On the other hand we have major tech companies ranging from Google to Twitter, all of whom are supporting Apple’s decision in not creating such ‘backdoors’.

It’s a major legal battle between the government and Apple but now it seems the republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has voiced in his concern.

Donald Trump vs Apple

Mr Trump, has tweeted the following asking people to boycott Apple products.

As you can see from Trump’s tweets, he is asking for a major fight against Apple, which I’m sure he doesn’t want to take.

I for one, do not consider him an authoritative figure when it comes to such decision, let alone become president of the most powerful country on this planet.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Sebastian Koylerain

    The apple can provide the necessary software only to unlock the terrorist’s phone so that the FBI will have access to the content of the phone.

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