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The skin is the most important part of our body as far as beauty is concerned. Harmful chemicals in air and water can damage the skin. Looking after your appearance and maintaining a regular routine and healthy diet can help you achieve a perfect looking skin, free from spots and blemishes. Some useful tips can go a long way. So below are some tips for healthy skin.

•Wash your face twice a day with warm water and a mild soap made for people with acne. Gently massage your face with circular motions. Don’t scrub. Over washing and scrubbing can cause skin to become irritated.

•Always apply sunscreen lotion on the skin and always remember to apply before going out as this protects the skin from harmful UV rays which are known to give skin cancer. These harmful rays can damage the skin and give blemishes, burn mask and pigmentation, which can never get healed. So it’s better to apply the right sunscreen lotion on the skin to save the skin from early aging.

•To have a good healthy skin always drink lots of water about 8-10 glasses a day and some skin & health specialist say that it should be in proportion to your weight as for every 10kg of weight, you should drink a liter of water so if the weight is 60kg then the person should drink at least 6 liters of water. This can be substituted with fruit juices too.

•Avoid touching your face with dirty fingers or leaning your face on objects that collect sebum and skin residue like your phone. Touching your face with dirty fingers can spread the bacteria that cause pores to become inflamed and irritated. To keep bacteria at bay, wash your hands before applying anything to your face, such as treatment creams or makeup.

•Keep hair clean, and out of your face to prevent additional dirt and oil from clogging your pores.

•Keep up regular exercise. Regular exercise helps to keep the skin elasticity which prevents wrinkles. Exercise is also good for your body as a whole as it helps to maintain a low amount of body fat.

•Try and maintain a constant sleep pattern. Sleep is the body’s time to restore itself and to re-energies the body’s organs and skin. By maintaining a regular sleep pattern, you will feel more energized and your skin will become healthier and fresher looking.

•Do not squeeze spots. Although very tempting, by squeezing spots and black heads, the disease spreads and your acne will not disappear. By not squeezing your skin can heal the spot on its own and scars will not be formed. Constant squeezing of spots will cause scarring of the skin.

•Taking vitamins and minerals helps to keep goodness in the skin. Vitamins and minerals have been developed to help your body. Taking one multi-vitamin can help make your skin fresh and clean.

• Try avoiding too much makeup on the skin as it closes the pores but if applied a lot, you should clean it as soon as possible. Let the skin breathe without any make up on it. Try using baby oil, baby lotion or mild cleansing milk on the skin to remove the traces of makeup.

Skin is the part of body which is visible to everyone so its better if you take good care of it by following the above tips, as they will be a very helpful if you follow them and act accordingly.

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  1. Niche Affiliate Cash

    I think drinking water, exercise, healthy diet with minimum sugar and cleanliness are key here, but also I notice my appearance improves greatly when I am happy and feel very purposeful: when I am doing work I love and following my dream and everything is going well for me, my skin naturally glows and my hair shines too. When things go badly you feel despondent and it shows in your appearance. Take a little time every day to focus on what you truly want to be doing and figure out how you can achieve that. You owe it to yourself and humanity! 😀

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