Top 5 Reasons On Why You Should Buy The iPad Pro

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Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro at the keynote - a new device which most of us had been expecting. But it seems that there were a few things we all missed. Although the event has gone by but now we are slowly starting to digest the information that was provided and something tells me that you are going to love the new iPad Pro. Check out the top five reasons on why you should buy the iPad Pro.

It’s huge!

Let’s just directly get into the design of the new iPad Pro and by design I mean the size. It’s huge! When you first look at it, you are going to know that this is a big boy. Apple has drastically increased the size of the iPad and now it measures at 12.9 inches diagonally - that is only 0.1 inches smaller than the 13″ Macbook; so you can get an idea on how big this device is.

So why does making it 12.9″ matter? Well first of all if you put the current iPad on top of it in a landscape mode you would know that it fits in perfectly leaving space behind. In fact the new iPad Pro has 78% more space than the iPad Air 2. And, you know what that means? More space for apps to be placed side-by-side.

iPad Pro

Let’s say that you are working on this paper whilst watching a documentary; previously you would switch between the apps, or if you are on iOS 9, it would allow you to place them side-by-side. But the problem is the screen size. Due to the small screen of the iPad Air 2 (feels weird calling it small screen), the work would be a bit tedious but if you are using the iPad Pro, the efficiency of you work would greatly increase.

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iPad Pro - Notebook replacement!

As I mentioned above the screen is really big for an iPad. It is not only 78% larger but it also has 5.6 million pixels making it have the largest number of pixels for any iOS device. Oh and it has a pixel per inch number of 264. So what’s the point of telling all this? If you think about it, it can actually replace your notebook!

The iPad Pro packs in a very powerful A9X processor and M9 coprocessor which Apple calls it ‘desktop-class’. That can only be tested once we get our hands on one. But if we are to believe Apple’s numbers then this is truly in notebook category, in fact it beats ‘80% of computers sold this year’ according to Apple. If that statement is true - I think you should just sell your current notebook and go for the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro keyboard

Apple Pencil - Smart Keyboard

Besides unveiling the iPad Pro, Apple also showcased Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Although these two are accessories to the iPad Pro but they do a great job and truly magnify the Apple experience.

I would go as far as saying that the Apple Pencil and the Smart keyboard are the two reasons why you should buy the iPad Pro. I know that the Smart Keyboard is just a normal keyboard with a fancy connector but the job it does is; makes it a complete computer - a device you can use everyday and do your normal day-to-day work.

The Apple Pencil also brings added benefits. Now I know you are going to bring the quote from Steve Jobs on why stylus sucks and to some degree I would agree on it. But the times have changed and people need more and more out of their devices. If you are a graphic designer or need to use a stylus, then without a doubt Apple Pencil is the object you need.

Apple Pencil

Watch Movies!

Let’s talk about watching movies. It’s no big deal, everyone does that on their iPads, or other tablets or even smartphones. But for watching movies tablets simply rule this category. So what does the iPad Pro offer to enrich this experience? Well as I mentioned above, the iPad Pro has a very large display and a staggering number of pixels to truly get the colors out. But there are some other things. Small yet effective.

The display on the iPad Pro is the most advanced display Apple has ever shipped for an iOS device. It offers  Oxide TFT, which offers faster pixel charging, TCON, or the timing controller, offers refresh rates at incredible speeds which also helps get more juice out of your battery. Also Apple has used a technique called Photo Alignment which helps the pixels ‘stay in the position that they are supposed to’, because of this you get a better contrast when looking at the display from different angles.

iPad Pro speakers

Did I mention that Apple now includes four speakers to give the iPad Pro (I’m postulating this one according to details provided by Apple) the best sound experience for any iOS device!

If you love watching movies than the iPad Pro is the gadget to have. Might start binge watching Netflix on this one.

Apple SIM compatible

Now this might seem small and not a major factor, and also this is compatible only with the large iPad Pro (128 GB) but it is a factor worth nothing.

The iPad Pro 128 GB one offers Apple SIM compatibility, that means you can connect to the internet even when you don’t have Wi-Fi options. This makes the iPad Pro a totally independent device when it comes to making it your ‘personal computer’.

If you travel to different countries you can simply use your Apple SIM and connect to various carriers in over 90 countries around the world. If you want to know more about the Apple SIM you can head over to the Apple page.

Well folks those were the top five reasons on why you should buy the iPad Pro.

Well, what are your thoughts on the new iPad Pro?

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