4″ iPhone 6c Rear Shell Gets Leaked (Pictures)

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Apple is planning to launch two next-gen iPhone’s this year, just like it did last year. But unlike last year, where Apple launched the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, Apple is taking a different approach. It’s looking back now. Apple is planning to launch a 4″ iPhone called the iPhone 6c and we now have some parts to show you.

iPhone 6c Leak

The leak parts come via a supplier in China and as you can see it looks very similar to the iPhone 5c. Some reports and rumors had been speculating that Apple is currently working on a cheaper iPhone 6c, as some people are not happy with the large displays of the current iPhones.

When Apple launched the iPhone 5c, it wasn’t a huge hit, many people weren’t just going to the new so-called cheaper iPhone. But that didn’t mean everyone wasn’t going for it. It seems Apple has heard their plea for a smaller four-inch iPhone.


iPhone 6c rear

These leaked parts show a rear shell of what could be an iPhone 6c.

It has a thicker casing, and a new shaped LED flash next to the camera. The speaker grilles are different too compared to the iPhone 5c. It now has two rows of speaker grilles compared to four of the iPhone 5c. Also the holes for the speaker are different too.

iPhone 6c rear house


Well the images do show that this is not just an iPhone 5c rear encasing but of a different iPhone. If I had to bet on this one, I would say Apple wouldn’t make this.

Apple is now a bit shy of going towards the “cheaper category”. Apple is a brand and it does not want to diminish that.

Personally Apple will not even release a cheaper “iPhone 6c” but these images are pointing towards something else. What do you think?

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