Use MapsOpener To Natively Open Google Maps Instead Of Apple Maps

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If you are on iOS 6, you would have come across Apple Maps. Let’s be honest about Apple maps; it might just be the worst native app I have used which is made by Apple. But thankfully Google Maps came to the rescue as it is now available to download for iPhone and iPod touch. But there is still one problem and that is Google Maps does not open (natively) whenever you want directions. That is about to be changed thanks to MapsOpener.


Whenever we have a problem the iOS community, especially the jailbreaking community comes together to find out a solution. This time they have done it again. A Cydia developer has created MapsOpener which allows you to open Google Maps app instead of the stock Apple map app.

MapsOpener developed by Hashbang Productions opens Google maps whenever you click on a link in your iOS device. It works pretty much the same way as BrowserChoser does for opening different browsers.

Once you download MapsOpener you can completely stop using Apple’s maps application which is pretty useless for many people around the world.

To download MapsOpener you will need a jailbroken device, so this means only those people who own a jailbreak-comptaible device can download it. Head over to BigBoss repo and search for MapsOpener and download it. MapsOpener is completely free, so there is no harm in trying it.

Do note that before you install MapsOpener you should have downloaded Google Maps via the App store.

Are you going to keep using Apple’s maps or Google’s? Let us know in the comment section below.

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