5 Reasons To Switch To Android Once iPhone 5S Is Released!

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iPhone 5S - the next generation iPhone from Apple. When you hear the words “next generation” and “Apple” in the same sentence you know it’s going to be something big. But this phrase is slowly starting to lose its power. Before, when I used to hear these words regarding Apple, I used to be pretty excited considering Apple might launch something big. But not any more. In fact, I might actually switch to Android once the iPhone 5S is released. Wondering why? Well here are five reasons why I might switch to Android once iPhone 5S is released.

Switch To Android From iPhone 5S

I never thought I might have to say this. But I’m seriously thinking to switch to Android device but the only thing I am waiting for is the iPhone 5S. Apple’s up-coming flagship device.

If you know me via Maypalo then you would probably know that I am a big Apple fan. I own almost all Apple devices (except the Apple TV), and actually love them a lot. Hell, I even go around telling people to buy iPhones, and iPads. So why I am thinking to switch to an Android phone? Well here are some of my reasons.

iPhone 5S logo

We pretty much already know a lot about the iPhone 5S. All rumors and leaks have been pointing to very specific things and if we are to look at history then these rumors might turn out to be true. So my “5” reasons for switching to Android are based on these. But I really hope I am wrong.

Same Design

If rumors are to be believed then iPhone 5S will be almost exactly similar to the current iPhone. The design is going to be almost similar. Just as they did with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. Apple is not going to change the design of the next generation iPhone.

This actually bothers me a lot, and I am pretty sure it might bother you too.

Apple is a company that people and other companies look up to when they are bringing something new to the market. So keeping a design same for two generation iPhone’s seems a bit too boring. I’m not saying I don’t like the design of the iPhone 5, but what I am saying is that Apple should bring a new design for the iPhone 5S. Which they are not going to do.

On the other hand Android has a huge variety of smartphones. Ranging from small screens to giant phablets such as the Samsung Note. Or you can simply pick up a Samsung Galaxy S 4.

gold color iPhone

Gold Colour

My complaint regarding the iPhone 5S isn’t exactly to do with the gold colour. It is actually regarding innovation. So what’s the problem here? Well to cover up for lack of innovation from Apple, they are simply introducing a gold coloured iPhone. Yup folks, besides the black and white, you are now going to get a gold colour iPhone, because, well you know, to show off to your friends.

The gold colour is not just a rumor now but in fact the real deal. Many leaks now put the gold iPhone to be a real thing. So you can be sure that the gold iPhone is coming.


Fingerprint technology? This stuff is Hollywood-level-cool, right? To most of you it might be, but if you have used fingerprint technology before you know this is nothing to be “wowed” at.

Before you begin commenting below that how anti-Apple I’m, that Apple is a great company for using the fingerprint (biometric) technology on a smartphone. Let me remind you that iPhone 5S will not be the first one to have the fingerprint technology. In fact, Motorola’s ATRIX smartphone powered by Android already has a fingerprint sensor running on it. So not exactly sure what the big thing is going to be here regarding the fingerprint sensor.

If the fingerprint smart sensor is going to be the killer feature of the iPhone 5S. I’m pretty sure this smartphone from Apple is not going to go well with the tech crowd. No wonder why Apple has dropped from 5th to 79th position in Forbes most innovative company ranking.

iOS 7 iPhone 5

iOS 7

Apple is currently on the sixth beta of iOS 7 and the next beta, that is the iOS 7 beta 7 is expected to be released this week followed by the Gold Master version. And, iPhone 5S is going to come with the iOS 7.

For those folks who haven’t tried iOS 7 yet, let me tell you before hand that you are going to be pretty disappointed with the lack of features. Except the new icons, which according to many are terrible but I’m not going to comment on those.

If you ever have used a jailbroken iPhone, then iOS 7 is not going to feel completely new. A lot of the features in iOS 7 have been copied from Cydia tweaks, and even then I feel Android gives you a richer experience than iOS.

Going to get hate emails now.

Lack Of Innovation

I can’t stress enough on this phrase “lack of innovation”. Even though Apple is a great company which I admire a lot, but what I admire the most is technology. I am a fan of technology and a company that brings innovation.

Apple in the past was the leader - the brand ambassador of innovation. Now? It seems Apple is just a buffalo in the heard, while Samsung and Google are bringing the real innovation in the market.

Agree or not, Apple is actually going to play the catch up game here (it now has to try it’s best to cross Samsung Galaxy S 4), which is kind of a pity considering Apple mentions its operating system and smartphones “the best in the world”.


If rumors and leaks are to be believed then Apple has nothing that will impress the majority of the crowd. Fingerprint sensor might be one of those that might attract some crowd but besides that, I don’t really see any feature in the iPhone 5S that will get a round of applause on September 10 - the release date for the iPhone 5S.

But being an Apple fan, I really wish - and when I say wish, I literally mean it, that Tim Cook and Co, release something spectacular. Not an iPhone 5S but an iPhone 6 that will truly make the crowd go crazy. And, I really hope these rumors turn out to be fake, and this post on the “five reasons to switch to Android once iPhone 5S is released” turns out wrong too.

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Well what are your thoughts on this?

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9 Comments to 5 Reasons To Switch To Android Once iPhone 5S Is Released!

  1. Oh wow. I am a big (as in big, I mean massive) apple fan.
    I like the new ios (don’t hate) cause it reminds me of ‘new’.

    Other than that, ITS LAGGY AS HELL!!!!!!

  2. I agree with you 100% Farhan, the point here is that Tim Cook is not a visionary man as it was Steve Jobs, if Jobs was alive then apple and all of the apple devices will be diferent, sorry for this but tim cook lacks of vision, techonologicly speaking, well i agree with you farham i have an iPhone 4 and i’m planning to change to a HTC ONE X QuadCore 32GB because i believe that companies such as Samsung and HTC are investing a lot in new products that people love.

  3. Mirko Grewing

    Let’s start with: I do not agree!

    I appreciate it is a very subjective matter (and in my humble opinion everything starts from the OS that best suits you). But then, what do you expect from an iPhone? Which amazing features would you like Apple to introduce?

    I don’t want a quad core CPU if the one already onboard can do its job. I have a 4S: never slowed down, never had performance issues.

    Don’t forget: Apple invented almost nothing. Most of the times somebody else did it before. But most of the times they just do it in the best possible way.

    • I’m agree with you for 100%. Apple have a market, a model. iPhone 3G has the same look with the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 has the same look with iPhonen 4S. So why they are mad on Apple because iPhone 5S will have the same look with the iPhone 5? what is the problem? did the look is bad? until now iPhone users are more confortable when they keep their phones on their hands. By the way, ios 7 is really nice, they are a lot of things on it that i needed. It’s my opinion: I love it

  4. Apple………………………………………..Tim cook is gone. He cannot follow the footstep of the late CEO. that’s why the no. 5 goes down to 79. Samsung and other android phone will kill the apple in the future. Where is the innovation that the late CEO that make the company no. 1 in the world. Wake up tim cook, your boiled.

  5. Neeraj Kulkarni

    Yes the biometric thing is quite old now. Maybe not in the cell phone though. I think the android phones are much better and also adjustable with a variety of plugs and input wires.

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