This Is How The iWatch Might Look Like (Concept Video)

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Apple’s iWatch is without a doubt one of the hot topics in the tech space. Whether you are an Apple fan or not, the iWatch is something you are really going to want to see. Well if you had been thinking how the iWatch might look like, look no further, as today we have a concept video which shows how the iWatch is going to look like. Check out the video below.

iWatch Video

It is now almost confirmed that Apple will launch a smart watch this year, after all the competition is really starting to heat up. It has been almost confirmed by many renowned news organizations about the release of Apple’s smart watch this year, which is being called the iWatch.

iWatch concept

Previous rumours and leaks have been giving us insights on how Apple’s iWatch might look like and what features it’s going to have. But there are hardly any videos on it, unlike the iPhone 6, which has a lot of leaked videos.

Well if you had been wanting to see how the iWatch might look like, check out this concept video which has been made by SET solutions. This video features a 2.5 inch display for the iWatch.

As you can see from the concept video of the iWatch, it does look pretty great and it might be something that Apple will launch; considering the rectangular display, health sensors and a good battery life - which includes the wireless charing which we have been hearing a lot about.

Well what are your thoughts on this iWatch concept video?

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