Iphone 5 & iOS 5 Coming Out On June 5 - 9?

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Apple’s annual WWDC is likely to be held on June 5-9th this year. Would that mean the announcement of Iphone 5 and iOS 5?

Apple will apparently be holding their WWDC ( World Wide Developers Conference ) from June 5th to June 9th 2011. So there is a very high chance that Apple will announce Iphone 5 and iOS 5. According to some news circulating around the web, this even might be also used to announce the release of ipad 5.

While WWDC is primarily a conference to showcase Apple’s new technologies and softwares to the developers, it also includes technological launches that appeal the masses such as new iPhone or a major iOS update. Possibly, iPhone 5 or iOS 5 could be one of the announcements of WWDC 2011.


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