iPhone 7 To Have 256GB & Large 3,100 mAH Battery: Rumor

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We get a lot of rumors regarding Apple devices, some we just completely ignore, some we look over and some turn out to be true. This new rumor is one of those which seem very sketchy. Well, according to a new rumor iPhone 7 is going to have 256GB storage with a large 3,100 mAH battery.

This new report comes out of a sketchy blog from China which mentions about the new details of the iPhone 7. The blog called MyDrivers, which has a poor track record, mentioned that the iPhone 7 is going to go for an extremely large storage of 256GB, which currently no smartphone has. The other rumor was that of a large 3,100 mAH battery in the iPhone 7.

When you look at these rumors, they just don’t fall into place. The first being 256GB. No other publication has even hinted of Apple going towards an even larger 256GB storage, and since most tech companies are going for cloud storage this kind of does not make sense.

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The second regarding the battery life. Apple is expected to make the iPhone 7 even slimmer than it currently is and therefore getting a battery that is even larger than the current one could not make sense. Also, Apple’s processors are getting optimized thus relying less and less on battery.

Even the current larger iPhone 6S Plus has a smaller battery compared to the iPhone 6S, so squeezing in a larger battery size on the iPhone 7 when it is even slimmer would not be a plausible idea. Also, Apple is going to incorporate the A10 processor with iOS 10 therefore reducing battery consumption.

Well, this is just a rumor and coming from a sketchy source so take it with a pinch of salt.

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