Samsung Sells A Record Breaking 51 Million Smartphones Beating Apple By A Big Margin!

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When it comes to the king of tablets it’s Apple and when it comes to the king of smartphones its Samsung. What? Yes folks you read that right, the numbers are out and it is a wake up call for Apple who currently might be the most valuable company in the world but is quite far behind Samsung in sales number. Samsung has sold a record breaking 51 million smartphone’s previous quarter beating Apple’s 26 million iPhones.

Samsung Corps shipped 50.5 million smartphone’s which includes the very popular Samsung Galaxy S3, breaking all previous records by any smartphone vendor. That’s about 560,000 smartphones being sold every day for the last 90 days, which makes Samsung capture 32 percent of the overall market share while on the other hand Apple controls 20 percent of the overall market share of 146 million smartphones.

What is interesting is that Apple missed the Wall Street’s number by around 2-4 million. It was expected that Apple would sell around 28-30 million iPhone’s in the previous quarter, but yesterday’s earning call was kind of a shock as Apple hardly ever misses Wall Street’s numbers. Apple has missed only once in the last nine years.

As you can see from the numbers Samsung beat Apple by a big margin around 25 million smartphones no wonder Samsung posted its record profit of $5.9 billion.

Tim Cook blamed rumours regarding the iPhone 5 as the case for missing the Wall Street’s number, as many Apple fans are delaying buying an iPhone as it is expected the next generation iPhone will drop after some months including some much needed upgrades.

Samsung and Apple have been going against each other for as long as I remember, suing each other for even the smallest details. Hell! They can’t even decide where to sit in the court room.

(Via Reuters)

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6 Comments to Samsung Sells A Record Breaking 51 Million Smartphones Beating Apple By A Big Margin!

  1. Marcus Gable

    I echo Lilibeth’s comment. If my contract is up, I now own the phone, paid in full,let me do as I wish with the dam thing. I am too poor to buy a factory unlocked iPhone so I am stuck doing contract time.

    Another thing Apple makes me crazy about, is all the locks they put in their OS and the rules they lay down. Things like limits on the number of wifi connections you can receive, only 12 files in a folder. No Flash player or third party apps.
    I have done my contract time Apple. Please set my iPhone free. To use any carrier or install any application that I want.

  2. @Marcus Gable : Are you serious? Who said YOU PAID IN FULL? Pay in FULL means “I BUY A FACTORY UNLOCKED PHONE THAT I CAN USE WITH ANY CARRIER I WANT”.
    When you buy a phone locked to ONE SPECIFIC carrier, you cannot DEMAND to have it unlocked. Duh? Common sense?
    I am not sure you are totally capable of perceiving the difference, but to me wouldn’t seem quite fair if the guy who paid $200 for a used att iphone 4, would have the same phone as a person who paid $700 to get a factory unlocked…

    P.S. I am 101% sure that sales and discrepancy in numbers by Wall Street, were directly affected by some people stuck with a locked iphone.

    Seriously people? I think you need to try and use your brain before you post your BS.

  3. @SNG
    Marcus said “If he completely finished the contract under any carrier, it most likely he paid for as the same price of a factory unlocked iPhone.”

    That was he is pointing out. And I agree with that, Even when you do the math. It might even more expensive.

    So as per contract, Carriers should give as a bonus reward to unlock any finished under-contract iPhones. That would be the best deal.

    So to make this thing short.
    All Carriers that offers locked-in contract should grant unlocking after completing the terms.

  4. vivek parashar

    i dont know why people buy samsung galaxy..its size irritates cant operate it with one who wants a battery sucking 5 inch screen.. i hope the new iphone comes out with a maximum of 4 inch screen.. not more.. processor can and should be faster..

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