Apple’s iWatch Is Now Available For Sale For A Price Of $249

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In the current situation, if you ask any techie about the most rumored and highly expected device for the remaining year then he would definitely say its Apple ‘s iWatch. Though the device was not so popular in the beginning but as the rumor mill rotated and claims about its features, designs and the companies working on it came to surface, it became the subject of everyone’s interest. And today comes the most unexpected news about the iWatch that it is; it is now available for sale and that too for only $249! Amazed? Checkout the details.

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As per the leaked video, iWatch is not the thing that we were expecting it to be. This device is rather a band that can turn any of your Apple device into iWatch, so that now you can conduct your business and other dealings from your wrist. This means that using this band you can attach your iPhone or iPad to your wrist and your smartphone or tablet will be your smartwatch.

The iWatch comprises of only the band that slaps your iPhone or iPad onto your wrist but in order to use it, you must have an iPhone or iPad and if you do not have one then you should buy any of these iDevices to make them your iWatch.

The design wizard, Jony High-five says that they have used all of their experience from the making of iPhone and iPad to bring up such a revolutionary device through which you can make all of your work done. About the glass and aluminium body, with especially designed interface, it is being said that it is not just a watch but much more than you can imagine.

But wait, before you checkout the stores to get your iWatch, first look on today’s date. Its 1st of April and yes folks, it is an April Fool joke! Now don’t be made at us.

So happy April Fools day!

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