A Cheaper $350 iPhone Rumored To Be Released

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If you are an Apple enthusiast then you must be following on all the recent happenings regarding the next generation iPhone. As we had previously reported about a cheaper iPhone lauching with the “normal” iPhone 5, it seems that the rumor is picking up and it might even be true.

We have a report from BGR that tells us about a cheaper iPhone that will be released alongside the iPhone 5, which as you will expect would be fairly expensive. The supposedly cheaper iPhone would be priced at $350 without a contract, even though it might seem to you that’s not cheap, well if you compare it to the current iPhone 4 now, that is quite cheap.

The interesting thing about this “cheaper iPhone” is that it might even be the iPhone 3GS! You read that right. What Apple’s trying to do is target the developing countries with a so-called cheaper iPhone so they “could enjoy the beauty of iOS”.

So are we finally going to see a cheaper iPhone? Well the only way to find out is just wait.




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