Apple To Announce iPhone 5 On 7th September Event?

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A big news to come today was that Apple is supposedly announcing a new product coming this 7th September, yes folks a new product! What this means to most of you is that Apple might announce the next generation iPhone that is the iPhone 5 this September 7th.

The Japanese site kodawarisan has reported that Apple is going to announce a new product this 7th September. An interesting thing to note is that Apple previously released the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle models. So we might see the iPod touch 5G being released on this 7th September.

Apple normally announces its next generation iPhone during WWDC but this time around it only unveiled the iOS 5, and iCloud and Mac OS X Lion, not the iPhone 5 as many were expecting. However this September 7th event we may see the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 has been reported to have a 4″ screen with an 8mp camera. It is also rumored to support NFC technology but it is unlikely as Apple does not really incorporate new technology until it has properly matured.

So this September 7th are we going to see iPhone 5 or the iPod touch 5G? Which one would you bet one.

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