iPhone Owners Have Blind Loyalty To Apple : Survey

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If you want to know what loyalty means, go and talk to an Apple fan; or simply put, an iPhone user. We all know iPhone owners are pretty loyal to Apple, some admit it while others do not. Well today we have a somewhat confirmation on the loyalty of an iPhone owner. iPhone owners have blind loyalty to Apple!

According to a recent survey conducted on 2000 iPhone owners, more than 1200 iPhone owners admitted to have “blind loyalty” to Apple. That is an astonishing figure considering no other smartphone manufacture has the same numbers or is even close to those numbers.

One of the questions in the survey was why they would not choose another smartphone; 78 percent mentioned they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now”. And, 52 percent mentioned that they were really impressed with Apple’s iPhone.



Apple is no longer a “brand”, it is a religion!

The other interesting information from the survey showed that Blackberry owners were the number one people who switched sides. Here is the complete break:

  • Blackberry to iPhone: 17 percent.
  • Nokia to iPhone: 14 percent.
  • Samsung to iPhone: nine percent.
  • HTC to iPhone: four percent.
  • Sony Ericsson to iPhone: two percent.

iPhone 5 is the number one handset which is owned by iPhone users, followed by iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, and one in ten people now own the flagship models iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5c.

The survey just confirms one thing that we had already known; iPhone users indeed have blind loyalty to Apple. They would not care what kind of product Apple will launch; whether good or bad; they will simply buy it because it is Apple!

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3 Comments to iPhone Owners Have Blind Loyalty To Apple : Survey

  1. I think this is ridiculous! People need to realize that their phone is just a phone and not a religion. It doesn’t matter which phone you use people! That’s why there’s such a giant amount of choices out there in terms of smartphone platforms. Some people prefer one, while others prefer a different one. I find it hard to believe that many iPhone users have “blind loyalty” to Apple though. If you had an iPhone, that basically means you are loyal to the company that makes it, Apple. You can’t have a product and not have loyalty towards them. That just doesn’t make sense.

    • Probably you think that because you haven´t tried an iphone , i tried to use another platforms like android , windows etc, and i don´t like them at all. the only thing i struggle with and iphone device its is battery but nothing else. its a perfect device.

  2. You wouldn’t call that “blind” loyalty. 78% (Which is alot) stated that they can’t imagine having any other smart phone and 52 percent mentioned that they were really IMPRESSED with Apple’s iPhone. See they’re not impressed only cause it’s apple. They’re impressed and they can’t imagine having any other smart phone because apple is THAT good with it’s products. They are perfected to very high levels and everything is SO damn optimized. So according the survey, apple’s users are not BLINDLY loyal to apple. The interpretation of the survey is totally wrong (sorry for being this blunt). The result concluded from the survey and the actual statistics acquired from the survey TOTALLY contradict each other. :)

    So yeah, it’s not blind loyalty.

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