Samsung Confirms “Fully Foldable” Smartphones Coming in 2015 (Video)

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It seems Samsung is the new Apple. Samsung today confirmed something which might make a lot of Samsung fans happy. Samsung has confirmed that they will be bringing full foldable display smartphones by 2015. This is not just the “bendy” displays you had been seeing recently, instead these smartphones will be completely foldable. Details below.

Samsung today at the Analyst Day announced that it was bringing fully foldable display smartphone somewhere in 2015. These smartphones are the ones which you had been seeing on YouTube or other social networks - these are the stuff from the future!

flexible Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Hyun, speaking at the conference promised to deliver these awesome-looking smartphones by 2015. Right now there is a huge technological barrier to bring these flexible smartphones to the market.

The image below shows the timeline on when these technological barriers will be crossed. Although, these might seem a huge task but we should remind our readers that Samsung at CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show) unveiled flexible displays.

Samsung tech barrier

Although we are still quite far away from the full flexible display smartphones but it is great to know that they will definitely be available within the next two years. Samsung has already launched a bendy display smartphone called the Galaxy Round, although this is not the flexible smartphone you had been waiting for but it is a good start for Samsung.

To give you an idea on how these flexible smartphones might look like, check out the video below.

Cool isn’t it?

Well what are your thoughts on this announcement from Samsung? Drop a comment below.

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