iPhone 6S To Feature ‘3D Touch’ Display

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A lot of rumors and reports have been spreading regarding the new display of the iPhone 6S called the Force Touch technology. The feature is already available in the new MacBooks but it seems that Apple is upping the game here with an even new version of the Force Touch called the ‘3D Touch’.

The Force Touch that is available in the MacBooks is a two-tier one that differentiates between a tap and a press but the one that will be implemented in the iPhone 6S is a three-tier one, differentiating between: tap, press and deep press.

As you can imagine the advantages of this are much greater than a two-tier one. So what exactly can this do on the iPhone 6S?

According to 9to5mac:

  • Using Force Touch in the maps app will allow you to directly start turn-by-turn navigation without going through the usual process.
  • Force Touching a link will give you a preview of the webpage but without actually opening - very useful.
  • Force Touch on a song in the music app will allow you to do various actions such as saving it for offline viewing.

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As you can image the possibilities that this new tech will open are truly tremendous. Apps can take advantage of the new three-tier touches and games can use this to provide a truly unique experience.

We will find more about this and all the other features and new products that Apple is announcing this September 9.

What are your thoughts on this new 3D Touch for the iPhone 6S?

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