iPhone 6S Camera Will Be Able To Compete With DSLRs!

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We all know that Apple is obsessed with creating amazing products, but with the iPhone 6S it might go even further. The iPhone is already the world’s number one camera when it comes to pictures taken but it is still not able to compete with DSLRs of today. Well that might just change when Apple will launch the iPhone 6S!

We had rumors going on that the design of the iPhone 6S will be similar to the current generation iPhone, that is the iPhone 6. But that is expected when it comes the “S” iPhone. Apple releases internal upgrades for the “S” series, while keeping the design same.

From the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5S, Apple improved the camera systems and for the iPhone 6, it improved even further. But it is still not up to the standard of today’s high-end cameras, also commonly known as DSLR’s or SLRs. Although these cameras are incredible powerful they are quit bulky; not convenient to carry.

Well that might change sooner than you think!

apple camera patent

Apple has been awarded a patent on Tuesday for “digital camera with light splitter”. Although it might sound fancy but this technology is not completely new. This kind of technology is already being used in high-end cameras of today called the Three-CCD cameras.

The major problem with Three-CCD cameras is that they are big, something which Apple wouldn’t use on their iPhone. After all Apple is obsessed with creating slim iPhones. What this patent shows, is that, Apple has made this technology quite compact. Something which could be fit into an iPhone!

iPhone 6 camera

Well, how will the new camera on the iPhone 6S be able to compete with high-end cameras? Well let’s take a look at the technology behind this “digital camera with light splitter”.

The current generation iPhone has a camera system that captures Red, Green and Blue color. When these colors fall on to the image sensor, each color takes 1/3 of the sensor. But what Apple’s new patent shows that instead of these RGB (Red, Green, Blue) falling into a single sensor, the cube would “split” these colors into each color having their own complete sensor. This makes for true, sharper and great pictures even at low-light.

The protuding camera lens.

Although this system will not replace the high-end cameras of today but it will come very close to directly competing with them. Again, this is just one of the features of high-end camera of today, therefore you are still better of keeping that DSLR - don’t sell it yet!

But one thing is for sure, if Apple does get this system into the iPhone 6S, it will put the iPhone camera way ahead of other smartphones in the market today.

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