Samsung Gear S2 Vs Apple Watch (Video Details)

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Samsung has unveiled their new flagship smart watch and boy oh boy it looks stunning! If you have seen the pictures or videos of it already then you would not deny that it does look like a prime gadget to have. But how well does it stack up against the mighty Apple Watch? Well check out the video below comparing the Samsung Gear S2 against the Apple Watch.

Right now the Samsung Gear S2 is not officially out yet but we have the details regarding it. In fact we have a full comparison video of Gear S2 vs the Apple Watch.

Gear S2 vs Apple Watch

You can check out the full comparison video of Apple Watch vs Gear S2 below:

Here are some important details regarding the Gear S2 vs Apple Watch:

  • Gear S2 runs on Tizen operating system which is an in-house operating system for the watch by Samsung, it does not offer Android Wear. Whereas Apple Watch runs the watchOS.
  • Gear S2 is compatible with Samsung smartphones and other Android phones. Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhone.
  • Gear S2 comes in three different models including a 3G one which allows you to make calls without the need of your phone. Apple Watch doesn’t do this.
  • For navigating both offer buttons which includes Digital Crown for Apple Watch and a rotating bezel for the Gear S2.
  • Apple Watch offers more apps compared to the ones for Samsung Gear S2.
  • Gear S2 offers 302 ppi (pixels per inch) while Apple Watch offers 326 ppi.

Gear S2

Both devices look great but just aesthetically speaking, and my own personal opinion, the Samsung Gear S2 looks great. But that is because I prefer round displays compared to square/rectangular ones.

Well, which smart watch: Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2 looks great to you? Drop a comment below.

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