The First Firmware Update For Apple Watch Released!

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The Apple Watch is going to be in the hands of millions of people very soon and some have already got it! Well, it is time for Apple to start making some adjustments with the Apple Watch, and Apple has already released the first firmware update for the Apple Watch!

This marks the first firmware update for the Apple Watch which is still being shipped to a huge number of people starting tomorrow, 24th April. Right now not a lot is known about the firmware, but it is heavily related to iOS 8.2. In fact it is just a modified version of iOS 8.2.

There are no major changes except a few. On the Apple Watch, Springboard is being called Carousel (makes more sense as it is similar to a carousel).

The are two versions of the Apple Watch firmware, once is for the 38mm one while the other one is 42mm. Both of them have been updated via OTA (Over The Air).

Since a lot of people do not have the Apple Watch, I don’t think there are any major changes in this. Maybe there are but we need to wait to find out.

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