How To Scan iPhone To Find Malware

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Although Apple’s iOS is pretty secure but jailbreaking can lead to things being a bit more ‘open’. Now it does not mean that jailbreaking is not safe, in fact it is very safe but sometimes people install tweaks or other things via pirated repos that infect your iPhone. Well, think your iPhone is infected? Here is how to scan iPhone and find malware on it.

Recently a new kind of malware was spreading on jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. So as you can imagine it set alarm bells ringing. But the good news (not really sure if it’s good news) is that it only affected devices that were jailbroken in China or people who used pirated repos and downloaded various tweaks. One of these malware is keyRaider.

Well to combat malware on such jailbroken devices, we have another tweak that scans your iPhone and finds the malware and it is called DylibSearch.

iOS 7 jailbreak

As the name suggests it looks for malware in the filesystem’s MobileSubstrate directory or the contents which include .dylib files. You don’t need to know the technical details of this unless you are interested. If you are not interested skip the next paragraph.

What DylibSearch does is, it searches for strings that are contained in known malware for iOS devices such as the ones found in KeyRaider. Once it detects those it knows there is malware present in your iPhone.

The good thing about the tweak is that it can detect malware but the bad thing is that it can’t remove it. To remove malware you will need a manual process that is; get iFile and navigate to specified directory and remove the files.

To know where the malware is, the tweak once installed will show you an ‘X’ next to the .dylib file. The ones that are not affected will be given a ‘green tick’.

DylibSearch tweak

To download DylibSearch Cydia tweak head over to the following repo:

Download it and the tweak will appear on your home screen. After that simply perform the scam to detect any malware.

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