Video Messages Comes To Apple Watch With Glide App

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Although the Apple Watch isn’t officially out, we are already getting apps that are being updated to support the Apple Watch. Glide is one of them. Glide, a messaging app now offers true video messaging on the Apple Watch but there are a few caveats.

Glide is probably the first app that allows you to preview video messages directly on the Apple Watch and respond to them. But the videos can not be longer than five minutes, if they are they you will have to use your iPhone.

You will have the ability to respond to texts directly on the Watch using predefined messages and you can set your own custom messages too!

Check out the video of Glide app for the Apple Watch.

As you can see this is going to be a pretty neat feature, and if you are going to buy an Apple Watch, you might just try Glide.

This is just the start and more and more apps will come forward. Glide on the Apple Watch is still an extension of their iPhone app. True native Apple Watch apps will come later this quarter.

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