Fake iPhone 5 Reveals Real iPhone 5? (Pictures)

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We all have seen our fair share of the fake iPhone 5s that are springing up now and then as the release date of the iPhone 5 gets closer and closer.

Here we have another fake iPhone 5. So why are we showing this fake iPhone 5 to you? Well if you did not know this is a fake iPhone 5, you would not have believed because it looks so real. We mean real as iPhone 5 could actually look like this. Below are the pictures so you can see it for yourself.

Slim iPhone 5

iPhone 5 slim-01

iPhone 5 slim-02

iPhone 5 slim-03

iPhone 5 slim-04

iPhone 5 slim-05

This is got to be the slimmest fake iPhone 5 we have seen and to be honest it looks really good, or lets say it is the best fake iPhone 5 we have seen to date.

Even though this is a fake iPhone 5 which showed up in China, but this could actually show us how the real iPhone 5 could look like, well at least the design.

What are your thoughts on this “real” looking iPhone 5, could the real iPhone 5 actually be something like this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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