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By - is a unique comparison engine that helps users make sense out of the numerous options for search out there on the web. Making quick and informed decisions about products and services can be difficult, but with Findthebest’s easy to use platform, this process becomes a lot easier.

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Findthebest was created in late 2009 by founder Kevin O’Conner and shortly after was funded by industry leading venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufiled and Byers. This Santa Barbara based start-up has been rapidly growing ever since and now gets over 100K users every day. Having recently expanded offices to New York, this transnational comparison engine is a force to be reckoning with.

All of their data is un-biased, and developed through a combination of human- curated input and data-driven algorithms. This allows the consumer to be able to make decisions for themselves that aren’t influenced by the marketing budgets of companies.

Its’ electronics category makes it easy to shop for products like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and HDTVs and more.

What makes find the best so easy to use is that it allows the consumer to:

  • Start with a comprehensive list of models and narrow down by brand, technical specifications, operating systems, network, manufacturer, price, and more.
  • Compare with simple and easy to use side-by-side interface
  • Obtain unbiased ratings and detailed product specs

Let’s take a look at how Findthebest can be used to find which smartphone is best for you. Say you can’t decide between the new iPhone 4S and the Droid Bionic, simply select both of the following phones and click compare. Then you can easily create a slide show to view the two phones. Here it is…

When it comes to tablet comparisons, things to look for in a tablet computer include average battery life, features, internal storage, smart rating, weight, and operating system and screen size. Compare up to 10 listings side-by-side to find the best tablet computer. If you’re constantly travelling, than use the weight filter to find a lighter table tablet, so it doesn’t become a burden to tote around. Because tablet computer often come with Wi-Fi capabilities, a 3G capable device is unnecessary.

So next time you need to make a decision about which product is best for you, check out to lighten up the stress around making a purchase decision.

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